Frequently Asked Video Questions

These are just some of the questions you may be thinking about. Dont' hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!

When will I receive my Video?

This ultimately depends on the production size. Many small projects are produced and delivered the same day. Longer or larger productions (e.g. wedding videos and concert videos) typically take a week or two. However, if we're really busy then we may take a little longer because we don't want to rush through it.

What if there's something in it I want out?

It's very rare that someone will want something changed, our customers typically, about 99 percent of the time, love their Video just like we made it first time around! However, we understand that there may be some occasional changes. So, we have a policy in place to cover it. We understand and will work to make changes that are reasonable provided you request the changes within a week after receiving your Video. We have to stand by this because we do not gaurantee keeping your project on our systems for any particular length of time. Additional edits may incur an hourly charge.

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Files: What format does it come in? And, may I get the raw Video files? How long do you keep the files?

We do not gaurantee keeping raw files or any form of the project for any period of time unless we explicitly contract to. We typically remove all project files at some point. We may archive certain renderings but do not gaurantee this unless explicitly agreed upon, which would be a very novel situation. We occasionally back up projects but we do not guarantee any archival or backup of our work.

We suggest you request at least a High Definition (HD) version of your project. You may receive an HD version of the video via download or flash drive. Alternatively, you may recieve a Blu-ray or DVD version if you prefer. Fees may apply.

If you want a copy of the raw files and/or any other version/format just let us know. We'll need to know in advance, ideally before you book us, so we don't waste time rendering the project in a different format.

For raw files and/or the project you may send us a storage device (e.g. SSD drive, Flash Drive, SD Card, etc...). Large projects like concerts and weddings may need approximately between 64 and 128 gigabytes. Call to confirm size! It may be signifcantly more or less. You may send the device to us along with a self addressed, postage paid, return packaging. You will be responsible for shipping and handling, any insurance, etc... We are not responsible for any items sent to us, if for example your items should become damaged or lost in any part of the process.

I have a low budget, how will you work with me?

Don't worry, we'll work with you. If you want to spend more or less! If you want to have more coverage we can have as many cameras going on as you like! If you want to spend less money we can cover less, use less people, less equipment, and eventually we may be able to meet virtually any of your budget needs if discussed and agreed upon in advance.

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When do I pay?

To book for your Video you will be asked to submit $375 plus travel after we discern location specific needs. The difference of typically $825 is usually paid on the day of your wedding or anytime before, check or cash.

Are there any hidden expenses?

The only other expenses may be for travel and room. Other than that there's never been any other charges. Travel expenses are calculated based on time and how many Neofilm Staff are driving to your wedding.

How far will you travel?

We'll go wherever you want to pay us to go! has done videos in Shelby North Carolina, Charlotte, Shelby, Boone, Asheville, and Virginia. And equivocally we videograph weddings in Oak Island, Fort Fisher, Wilmington, and videos elsewhere in North Carolina and South Carolina; such as videos in Charleston South Carolina. We'll travel wherever, give us a call! And while I'll travel all over North America I also have a passport to venture abroad...

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