We strive to learn from every video we produce. And every year we work to continuously take our production value to the next level. The incredible feedback we receive from brides and grooms is what fuels our desire to continue providing Video services. Hearing an emotionally exstatic couple giving us feedback after they've finished watching the videos we produced is one of the most rewarding things I've ever experienced.

Being a Videographer is very hard work. And we love what we do because our customers love it too!

There so many reasons to hire Carolina Videographer to produce your Video! Below are just some testominies we've received:

Video at Cape Rear Botanical Garden in Fayetteville, NC

"Jeff, we LOVE the Video trailer and the way it captures the highlights in such a poetic and romantic form!"

Dr. Dion and Senator Ben Clark

Video at Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina

Could not say enough good things about Jeff Adams at Neofilm. He shot our daughter's Video at Biltmore Estate. They were so much fun to work with and were extremely professional. The finished product was amazing! They didn't miss any of the important aspects of the day and also captured so many of the small details that we were surprised to have on our Video. They worked so well with all of our vendors. We highly recommend them for any video needs but especially for a Video or event that every detail is so important.

Lori McMahan Cox

Greensboro North Carolina Video

Just watched the BEST movie ever. You guys did an outstanding job and I am so thankful for you. So so glad I found you!!!!

Katie Maxey

Video Shelby NC Testimonial

"Sat down with Sharice and watched the video, she's watched it five times, i got a chance to see it for the first time tonight and i want to tell you absolutely phenomenal job. Words can not describe, you made it as if we were reliving the whole entire wedding again. You did a fantastic job and i will make sure that everyone knows who did our wedding because it was truly a production and I never dreamed that any video like that could be done of a wedding. It’s something that we’ll cherish for a long time. I just wanted to tell you how much I truly appreciated what you did and how well you did it man. Congratulations on that and I wish you nothing but the best because you definitely deserve something as well as you’ve done this piece of work. Thanks man.”

Keith Latham

Wilmington Video Testimony

"We received the Video today and were absolutely thrilled and loved it! Just need to know now, if we can order extra copies, and if so, how much are they.?"

Judy bass

Wedding at Pretty Place Chapel in Brevard, NC

"Hey Jeff! We received the video yesterday and absolutely loved it. It went to my parent's house first, and then they sent it to us. You did an amazing job!! We were very impressed! Thank you also for the picture. It is gorgeous! We will gladly take any more pics that you took. lol So feel free to send them. Thanks again"

Amy and Mike

Video Lincolnton NC

"Hey Jeff I received the Video and it was wonderful you done a great job!! I would like to order 4 more videos if you could do those for me because I would like the picture on the front of the dvd. Just let me know if you can do that. Thank you so much for your wonderful work!!"

Hannah Beard

Video Shelby NC Testimonial

"Neofilm exceeded our expectations in every way imaginable. We never had a clue what was being filmed, "nonintrusively pleasant" is how I will describe my point of view as a groom being filmed. The final video is beyond description as my new wife and I celebrate our one year anniversary we know how fortunate we are to have you produce our Video for us to watch over and over."


Video Charlotte NC Testimonial

"Sorry I haven't writte you sooner. Been a busy couple of days. We watched the Video and it is WONDERFUL!!! I liked the credits at the end! It went through smoothly and the menu worked great!

Kelli H. Calcutt

Video Shelby NC Testimonial

"Hey Jeff! I want to thank you again for the Video....we absolutely love it! So much, in fact, that we'd like to order 3 more copies from you:-) I will mail you a check tomorrow....just let me know if this will be ok! You were awesome and my family can't wait for the copies:-)"

Juliet Dixon

Video Charlotte NC Testimonial

"We just want to confirm that we have recieved the videos. My husband had the chance to watch it today and both tapes worked great he says. He was really impressed by the quality of the dvds. I am currently out of town and will only be back next week(07/21). That is when I'll have a chance to watch it. I can't wait!"

Mrs. Tiandem

Video Shelby NC Testimonial

"I really liked the Video and it was so awesome to hear the comments."

Yvonne Genevera

Holy Cross Catholic Church 616 S Cherry Street Kernersville, NC

"Jeff, Sorry I've been missing you lately. Things have been very hectic around here! But I did receive our Video in the mail. I believe it got here Saturday. I was able to sit down and view it with my parents and my husband. We were extremely pleased with the outcome. I especially love watching the guests come in and the beginning moments leading up to the ceremony. They guests' comments at the reception were also nice to hear and see! You really helped us capture a once in a lifetime moment and we are so glad that we have the video as a keep-sake from our wedding. Thank you again so much for working with me on the budget. I loved having the different angels and thanks again to Sarah for helping! Let me know if you need anything!


Baptism Video Shelby NC

Jeff I must say how MUCH I loved the video of Raquel's day and all the pictures----indeed one of your BEST work. :-)

Veronica Montes
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