We are passionate We own and regularly use:

  • Two 4K Cameras with 1 inch Sensors
  • Two HD Cameras with interchangeable E-Mount lenses with APS-C Sensors
  • Two HD Consumer Cameras with 1/2 CMOS Sensors
  • Various E-Mount Lenses: 35mm prime lens, 16mm prime lens, 55-210mm, 16-50mm servo lens, 18-200mm servo lens, and a macro lense
  • 4 Fluid Head Manfrotto Tripods; each unique for specific shooting applications.
  • 120 cm slider
  • Bi-Color LED Camera Lights
  • Two Sennheisser wireless mic systems, one with additional plugin transmitter
  • Two rode pin mics, Rode shotgun mic, two Rode condencsor mics, Sony shotgun camera mic
  • Various other audio devices such as two zoom Recorders, presonus firestudio mobile, etc...
  • Small Crane
  • Misc. other production gear: e.g. stands, backdrops, studio lights, etc...
  • Mobile Editing Station and/or backup to main editing station
  • Adobe Creative Cloud user

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Live or Concept Videos

Multi-cam/audio capture/cinematic gear to single cam

We approach every project uniquely based on your specific needs and budget. We have a fast, friendly workflow capable of meeting virtually whatever your deadline may be.

We may use multiple camera coverage with separate audio capture and use unique stabilizers for a cinematic look. Or, we can just follow the action with one camera. Whatever the production, we most likely have all the tools for the job.

Video Production Experience

Since 2004, our experience predominantly has been producing wedding videos, music videos, and corporate videos. Wedding videos are an incredible experience. We enjoy the challenge and strive to make each wedding better with more cinematic style shooting and improved editing.

Our production value increases with every new project we take on. What we learn shooting weddings translates seamlessly into corporate video productions. As a result, our corporate video production services are produced with high quality video and audio. This applies perfectly to any live corporate events; like training videos, workshops, seminars, corporate parties, or any "live" event.

Sometimes the customer wants to direct and coordinate or hire someone to. Especially more elaborate productions. We will help in every way we can. But, if you need us to direct and coordinate then we will need to address this specifically in advance. For smaller productions we typically just work with the customer and are let loose to shoot and edit without a director. You are more than welcome to be involved in any process of the production; such as, editing with us at our studio or on location wherever we need to go.

Music videos work the same in that they’re either live or concept videos. Our YouTube channel has hundreds of examples where we’ve “run &gun” shot with one camera and a tripod live music. We are producing more and more live music videos that are multi-cam with audio capture off the board.

We are also excited about producing more concept music videos. The equipment we acquire for wedding videos and corporate videos works perfectly for awesome music videos!

Post Production

Immediately after the shoot we begin post production. All the footage will be edited down and rendered to your medium of choice.

To summarize things up, we have great gear and are experienced using it and ready to produce for you now. We deliver professional quality videos friendly a fast!

Book Us Right Away

We book videos on a first come first serve basis. So, be sure to contact us immediately to get started!

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